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At first, I did not think this partnership was right for me just like so many others reading through my post and saying “why should I listen to this lady”.

By the grace of God, I am mrs Maureen Okene from Port Harcourt, married and blessed with two beautiful kids.

For some months now, my husband has not been working because he lost his job about 9 months ago.

Since then, life has not been easy for us. For some days, we do not have money to buy food or buy our kids whatever they need; also, we could not pay school fees.

Every-night, I cry my eyes out praying for a miracle, I will talk to family and friends.

But instead, I listen to their own problems then become sober.

Anytime my husband goes out to search for our daily bread, I stay at home to look after our kids.

When bored, the phone is my only companion.

One fateful day, browsing through the internet, I stumbled upon a post on Facebook, “If I can read and write, then this partnership could be one of the most important, life changing messages I’ll ever read this month”, immediately I thought it was scammer.

Therefore, I didn’t read further until the next day, someone sent a link to my inbox to check out. First I read, “This New Partnership Opportunity Will Help You Implement The Necessary Steps to Earn At least, N400,000 Online Every Month For The Next 5 to 10 Years”.

I was curious and thought in my mind, if this is true why hearing about this now?

Does it mean that people are actually making money online?

Because I was curious, I read every information and discovered Nigerians like me are already part of this Business Partnership Program making well above N500,000 per month.

Moreover, I thought it is great opportunity to help my husband also to contribute to the well-being of my family.

Therefore, I told my husband about the Partnership, he read the article then said “Honey, if this is true, we could become financially independent in the next 12months”.

I looked back at him smiled and said “yes baby, it is possible with God”.

To start was the problem; we only had little savings that we have been using to survive in this Buhari’s economy.

Moreso, we decided to ask a friend to borrow us N20,000 naira to pay back in few weeks.

As a matter of fact, I was excited to pay N15,000 for the Refundable Trust Motivation Fund which is included in the partnership.

Many people try to establish a Business Partnership with somebody and they are taken advantage of and screwed over! People are too trusting, naive and believe that a friend, relative or even a total stranger is not going to take advantage of them or harm them.

Nevertheless, do not trust anyone, No one. I got scammed and screwed over in my previous businesses by my Business Partner.

Do not become someone’s financial victim. I got taken advantage of and betrayed by someone who I knew for most of my life! Imagine that.

We were good friends. I mean awesome friends.

He used to be a true friend who would take me everywhere, invite me everywhere, and defend me from everyone.

He would lift up my self-esteem and lift my spirits. Then he betrayed me and turned on me.

Moreover, I never saw it coming. Never. I was deceived little by little. I was vulnerable because I fully trusted him due to our Best Friendship.

He used that against me. It was a very secretive and subtle economic agenda. I will share with you what happened, my bad and good experiences.

He proposed to me a Business Partnership with a Business Goal that was convincing, realistic, and attainable. Everything made sense.

Therefore, we started working on the Business Goal.

However, something subtle was always wrong: he would not meet up with me often to work on the Business Partnership Goal. I spent countless hours researching the Business Industry and Business Plan we were working on by me and he would only meet up with me sometimes.

At first, he would regularly work on the Business Objective with me and we would do the work together. Then he started coming to work on the Financial Goal less and less until he would only rarely show up to work with me.

Me being naive, ignorant, and dumb I continued to research the business. Even though he did not show up and suddenly I had all the information I needed.

The time had come when we needed to start putting money into the business. He refused to put in a single kobo into the Business Goal. I still did not want to see how things were because I was dealing with my Best Friend.

Nevertheless, as months, months passed by, and then two years went by and he still did not want to put any money into the business I realized everything. I came to terms with how things were.

My Best friend had betrayed me! I finally had to admit that my best friend and business partner turned on me.

That did a lot of harm to my spirit and me. I decided to protect myself, ended my Business Partnership with him, and sent him a “Notice of Business Partnership Termination” informing him that our financial partnership was over.

Sadly, It was a very bad experience for me, I also ended my friendship with him. I just did what I had to do. Be careful, alert, and aware of everything that you see, experience, and hear from your potential business partner or business partner.

Look for red flags that warn that something is wrong also that you are about to be taken advantage of. Know what steps to take to protect your financial interests and determine whether your business partner is a scammer! Know what to do to protect yourself and your financial interests.

Establishing a Business Partnership is very serious and challenging. However, the best part of it all, was not give up also I continued with my research until I found “Godwin Ifeanyi Adams” a total stranger who gave me another reason to believe again. He took me by the hand and showed me how a Business Partnership Program should work effortlessly.

Since we started working on our Business Partnership Program together. I do not feel like I am working alone, like I did in my previous partnership. I have never seen anyone give mentorship and guidance like Godwin I. Adams and I am proud and happy to have crossed paths with him because now I am on my way to becoming a millionaire from zero to hero.

So far, it has been so good working with him knowing that he has kept his promises since the first day. I would only like to suggest that he could create an online mentorship group or class maybe on Facebook or WhatsApp and add all his business partners for us to share ideas and support one another.

Finally, if you are someone like me that has been struggling online to make money for a very long time or you have tried other Business Partnership Programs before and failed like me.

And now, you want to know what exactly you should do to be able to go from zero to N400,000+ per month and positively improve your finances using only your phone or laptop then this Business Partnership Program is for you.

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